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US Inmate Search and Prison Inmate Search

Our comprehensive website is the internet’s best FREE Jail Inmate Search and state prison inmate search. We have all of the jail information needed and all of the links to the local and national inmate search options of every correctional facility in each county and city in the US.
If you’re trying to search for an inmate, it’s incredibly easy to get started. Click any of the links below to start your inmate search, and then from there select the county or city jail. We have a detailed list of all information you will need about the facility. Click any of the inmate search links below to get started:

Performing an Inmate Search

Once you’ve located the place that you think the inmate is, you should have a few pieces of information to help make the search easier:

  • Inmate Name
  • Date of Booking
  • Criminal Charges
  • Address
  • Prison

These will greatly cut into the time that it takes to perform an inmate search and help you find the family member or friend you are looking for.

Why Run an Inmate Search

Whether you’re looking for a friend, client, family member, or want to check on a former employee or acquaintance, you can use our FREE inmate search to locate inmates, offenders, or prisoners that have records in those counties or states that you’re searching in.
The jails on our website are predominately city and county jails, which means that inmates at these facilities can range from low level criminals, but can include much more violent offenders like rapists, murderers, and robbers. At many of these facilities the security level is just as high as it would be at a maximum security state level prison.

What Can I Do With an Inmate Search

Through our inmate search program, you can find more information about inmate calling, mail, bonds, visitation, commissary accounts, or just about anything else with regards to the prison or jail.

Once you run your inmate search based off the name and jail/prison information that you currently have, you will be able to get general information about what happened to that person, locate their arrest record, and view mugshots if they’re available digitally. You will be able to contact the jail directly using the phone number that we’ve put on the jail page. This will help you determine when you can visit, how to add commissary funds to a person’s account, determine bonding if they need to be bailed out, and send mail to an inmate at the jail. We hope that our prison inmate search saves you a lot of time, and helps you find the information about that particular person quickly and easily.

Disclaimer: doesn’t guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information found on this website or through any of the links. We do not guarantee that any information on this website is up to date or fully functional, especially with regards to inmate searches. We will not tolerate any situation where a person that is located due to a search on website be treated unfairly or unlawfully. All of the information on our website is provided on an as-is basis, and you are fully responsible for using this website legally according to U.S. and National laws